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Question - If I run out of time and fail to complete the CEUs before my state license renewal, can you backdate my certificate?

Answer - Answer - NO! Absolutely not! The date on your certificate will be the date you successfully completed the course.

Question -If I send my test by mail, will my certificate show the mailing date?

Answer - No. Your certificate will show the date that your answers were submitted in the system. Sometimes that can be several days after you have mailed them. If you need your certificate before the end of the month, and time is running out, you can call the office and submit your test answers verbally. Your certificate will be dated the day you pass the test.

Question - If I do not need the CEUs I purchased, can I get a refund?

Answer - Yes, as long as you have not completed the CEUs, you can get a refund. There is a $10 processing fee for refunds.

Question - Do I have to be a member of AARC (American Association for Respiratory Care)?

Answer - No, you do not have to be a member of AARC to complete continuing education with Smith Seminars. If you would like to become a member or find out about membership, click here. One AARC CRCE (Continuing Respiratory Care Education) is worth one hour of credit.

Question - Does my state accept Smith Seminars continuing education?

Answer - All the courses are AARC-approved and every state accepts AARC continuing education. If you have any questions about your state license requirements, please contact your state board.

Question - Does my state accept Smith Seminars Live Online as a live course?

Answer - AARC approves courses as "Traditional" (Lectures and Live Online) or "Non-traditional" (Self-taught internet, Online or Home Study). Because the Live Online is a "Traditional" course, it is approved as live continuing education hours just like you receive setting in a classroom. You can interact with the instructor by calling 866-857-2211 or email Please contact your state board for confirmation of acceptance of AARC-approved Live Online CEUs.

Question - What if I lose my certificate, can I get another copy?

Answer - Yes, all you have to do is let Smith Seminars know and another copy will be provided for you at no cost. It is always best to keep your certificates in a safe place. It is your career that is affected if you are not able to produce the certificates in an audit by your state.

Question - Do I have to watch all the Live Online presentations without stopping?

Answer - If you have several presentations to watch, you can spread it out for several days or weeks. You must keep within the time limitations, 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. or call for permission to have an extension of time if needed. You must make sure it is a Live Online day by checking the "Live Online Days" calendar at You must complete the presentation before you submit the evaluation. The presentation can be paused, if needed. There will be an audit to make sure there is a login and evaluation that is equal or greater than the time of the presentation. If that is not the case, you will not receive credit and you will have to repeat it. You will not be charged for the extra login.

Question - Can I transfer any leftover funds on an order number to another person?

Answer - No, because of the increasing risk of theft, it is not allowed for another person to use your order number. Even if you use a form of payment, such as a credit card, with a name other than the name you are using now, please submit the order with your name and the card's address information.

Question - Can I use another person's credit card to purchase CEUs?

Answer - Yes, as long as you have permission to use their card. You must place YOUR NAME on the order. You must use the card holders address because the system has an address verification that must be passed. When you login, complete an evaluation, or complete a test, you must use your name and address.

Question - Will I get my certificate as soon as I submit a test or complete a Live Online presentation?

Answer - When you complete an Online Test, you will get your certificate as soon as the test is graded and the certificate is produced. If you are concerned that it is taking too long, please call 866-857-2211 and it will be taken care of promptly. The Live Online course certificate will be produced as soon as all the presentations and evaluations for the entire month have been completed. You will receive one certificate with the number of hours and a list of presentations completed on it. If you do not complete all the hours you have purchased in the month, the remainder funds will be transferred to the next month. The certificate can be produced earlier than the end of the month as long as you do not need more hours within that month.

Question - Does Smith Seminars submit the certificates to the state licensure?

Answer - No, you are required to submit all continuing education to your state agency. Smith Seminars will send the information to AARC. Smith Seminars will submit to CEBroker if your Florida state license number has been provided.