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Online Courses

Two (2) AARC-Approved Non-Traditional CEUs/CRCEs
  • 2 AARC-Approved Non-Traditional CEUs/CRCEs for $16
  • You can Purchase all the Courses you need in one order
  • Invoice will have the Course Links in your email
  • Download the Course Material to read
  • Download the Test pdf file (Optional)
  • Listen to the Audio file (Optional)
  • Complete the Test (>70%) and the Evaluation
  • The Certificate is instantly available when you pass
  • Home Study printed courses by mail are no longer available.
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Live Online Webinar

One (1) Traditional (Live) CEU/CRCE with Live Chat
  • Live Online Webinar courses are AARC-Approved Traditional for 1 CEU/CRCE
  • The cost is $8 per hour
  • You can Purchase all the courses you need in one order
  • Schedule the courses (Each course is offered 6 times a day)
  • Join webinar at the top of the hour.
  • Real-time Live Chat is required. (No camera or mic needed)
  • Evaluation is required at the end of the webinar (no test)
  • You can complete up to 12 hours per day.
  • Request the certificate when you have completed all you need this month
  • Do not schedule 2 courses for the same time
  • DO NOT share any links you receive
  • DO NOT use the SAFARI BROWSER on a MAC, IPHONE, OR IPAD to complete these webinars
  • You can use Google Chrome, MS Edge, or Firefox to complete these webinars on any device.
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Helpful Information

Please use a personal email. Many medical facilities block emails with attachments. You may not be able to access your emails from us.

锘縃ow to use the Live Online Webinar Schedule:

         Find the course name.

         Find the day.

         Is it "A" or "B" at the point of intersection?

         Look at the times the course is offered at the top of the schedule.

         Each course is presented 6 times a day.

         Add 1 hour for Eastern, subtract 1 hour for Mountain, subtract 2 hours for Pacific, subtract 3 hours for Alaska, and subtract 4 hours for Hawaii Time Zone when using the schedule.

         Once you complete scheduling your webinars, the emails will show your time zone.

Please call 940-600-4700 if you have any questions.


Online Courses are AARC-approved as Non-Traditional and the certificates are available as soon as the test is passed.

Live Online Webinars are AARC-approved as Traditional and the certificate is produced as soon as you request it, as long as you have completed everything you need for the month.


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