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 Part 2 - The Test


1) The Hippocratic Oath has formed the basis of more recent medical oaths taken by students as they begin the practice of medicine and include:

A) Abstain from mischief and corruption

B) Practice for the benefit of Patients: "do no harm"

C) Doctor-patient confidentiality

D) All the above

2) The Percivalian code:

A) Asserted the moral authority and independence of physicians in service to others

B) Affirmed the profession's responsibility to care for the sick

C) Emphasized individual honor

D) All the above

3) The commonly accepted principles of health care ethics include:

A) Confidentiality

B) Society

C) Scientific knowledge

D) All the above

4) Autonomy is the innate right of a person to make choices affecting his or her own life and welfare, free of:

A) Decision-making capacity

B) Coercion

C) Benefience

D) Disabilities

5) Criteria for distributive justice include:

A) To each person an equal share

B) To each person according to contribution

C) A & B

D) None of the above

6) According to the AARC Code of Ethics, the respiratory therapists shall follow all except:

A) Participate in illegal or unethical acts
B) Perform only those procedures which they are individually competent
C) Comply with state and federal laws that govern and relate to their practice
D) Promote disease prevention and wellness

7) Hospital ethics committee case review is recommended with decisions involving:

A) Disagreement between care providers regarding the ethical aspects of a patient's care
B) Withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment which are not adequately addressed in the policy and procedure
C) Significant ethical ambiguity and perplexity in which case review may provide insight into complex ethical issues
D) All the above

8) It is important in interacting with patients and other health care professionals, that the respiratory therapists have:

A) A good understanding of the basic ethical principles
B) Some practice in ethical thinking
C) A & B
D) None of the above

9) Fiduciary is a relationship of trust in which the patient counts on the health care provider to care about and care for them with:

A) Money
B) Sensitivity to the patient as an individual with unique circumstances and goals
C) Dishonesty
D) None of the above

10) In certain situations, there often can be tension between two principles; the health care professional and patient must determine if one or another of the principles should be:

A) Legalized
B) Kept secret
C) Documented
D) Breeched


 Part 3 - Evaluation


 Learner's achievement of each objective. Rate each on a scale of 1=low 5=high


Objective 1

1) Define medical ethics. Identify the factors of medical ethics and bioethics. Review the history of ethics. List the principles of the medical ethics. List the five traditional approaches to ethical issues. Review the AARC statement of ethics and professional conduct of Respiratory Therapists. List the purposes of the hospital ethics committee. Identify the patient - care provider relationship.


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Purpose/Goal of this activity:

2) Attendee will be aware of the current information and will be able to meet the required continuing education. Relationship of objectives to overall Purpose/Goal of activity.


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3) If conflict of interest, off-label use, commercial support, or in-kind support were evident in the education component of this program, were you notified? (Choose One)


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5) Will the information you gained from this program change your practice? (Choose One)







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